Taylor Swift - Change

Taylor Swift - Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran


Went to the deli at safeway for dinner.
For $6 I get a huge combo meal.  I have been going there a few days a week to get exercise.  They have really good salads, and the food is good.
And I am just so sad and alone.

Some homeless guy was meeting a relative in front of the store.  It was an older lady, maybe his mom.  He was very bouncy and he bounced away from her car and she yelled, "I love you take care."

And I almost cried. I never hear that from anyone.

Sometimes my drunk & drugged customers say it on the customer service line when they call in at 2 am, but it's not the same thing.

They wrote back

So. They wrote back. Said they had too much HW to have written these past weeks.

Okay they are really invested in mending this relationship... not

And they can't meet for coffee... surprise......not

Maybe I should have ignored the email. But I wrote back and expressed my dissapointment in a mature way.

I didn't straight up call them liars.

But I kinda hinted at it.

I have been binge watching the mindy project all nite and I wrote from the perspective of My Warrior name is Beyonce Pad Thai.

Pad thai sounds good.