New apartment

I'm in a new apartment.
It's dumpy and cold and far from anything I love.
But it's super cheap and far from the things I love that break me to tiny pieces cuz the relationship is toxic...
There is this river thing that winds like a dragon around the town... kinda epic. Actually there seems to be some confusion as to if it is a lake or a river, but it looks like a river to me, so that's what I am calling it.
People eat awesome food at some place called the RUSTY SKILLET.
I think I live next to lesbians... so I don't have to worry about the tweeker rapist that lived upstairs from me in the old place.
One of them doesn't have teeth.
I'm still not sure I can actually get dependable mail service.
It's scary going to the dumpster after a snow...
Snow is pretty.
I dunno, I'm going to make some toast now.

sooo butthurt over people who don't give a fuck about my sorry butt

Being mad in love is something I know about, but I've never actually had an intimate relationship.
I'm a prude, it's true.
But it doesn't keep my heart from being broken.
Sooo butthurttttttttt