Taylor Swift - White Horse

pretending you are someone else is a lie

Actresses and porn stars aside...
If someone is having a convo with someone but that someone is really another person pretending to be someone....
confusing ain't it?
then well isn't that someone who isn't really the someone they are pretending to be a big fat liar?
so how can a big fat liar be like:
"i keep precepts, i am better than you, and everyone else on the planet!"
well obviously, that would also be a lie, or a delusion or something.

my "friend" when i asked to answer her in person... she never wrote back again.
it's been days.
so obviously, whoever is pretending to be her thinks they are so much better than anybody else on the planet that they can lie and betray people's trust.

delusions of grandeur darling.

Not  ONLY are you far from keeping the precepts, you are far from being a decent human being.

I know why they did it, they want to find some info to hurt me with.  Like they haven't already hurt me enough.

I don't even think they comprehend my pain at all.  I don't think they care. 

The world is extremely fucked up.  Seeing the shit on the news today.  Some lady killed seven babies, another guy was bullying disabled children... some greedy bitch actually made a porno of herself fucking chickens while strangling them. god damn! And don't even get me started on that Nazi crap in Kansas City today.  I couldn't even watch the video of that on CNN.  This is the USA.  We are supposed to be loving and tolerant.  We should just send all the racist and hater people to an island in the middle of the pacific ocean and let them figure it out or kill each other whatever. they are FUCKED UP.

These people over therein Talmage CA at that cult compound pretending to be Buddhist disciples who think they are just so much better than me, to think that I don't have any value or intelligence, who think that they can lie to me, and try to manipulate me, and try to find a way to make sure I basically die on the street because that is what would truly make them happy. They probably think I would be too scared to call them out on their shit, but not anymore.  I owe the rest of the world the truth.

Let me wake you up to just how unholy, immoral and basically fucked up you are:

You're on the same level as baby murderers, grown men who bully disabled children, and people who strangle chickens to death whilst fucking them. 

You are extremely fucked up individuals, and I am not going to let you into my heart so you can hurt me again.