the war against women is fucking scary as hell.

There is this scary scary ass book I read when I was in my 20's called the Handmaid's tale. Look it up. Any way it seems to have been written by a prophetess.

 I just read this crazy ass news article about the moronic Turkish prime minister. He said women shouldn't laugh in public.

 The muslims get a bad rap because they really hate women, but its not just the muslims. We have the right wing Christians in the USA.

And there are even Buddhists that I know and love who honestly in their hearts believe that women are lower than men.

 Even nuns I know who live in CALIFORNIA believe it.

 And it's well documented about how they have no respect for female cultivators in Thailand. I will never forget this one nun I saw in Bangkok who looked like she had been drug through the mud. Scary as hell. 

While life as a mendicant is much easier as a man, it's purely biological and has nothing to do with the moral fiber of women and girls. Their spiritual potential is equal to men.

 I just want to know why any self-respecting woman could possibly want to hook up with men who hate women. Like the guy who owns hobby lobby. Who the fuck would want that piece of shit? How could you ladies even remotely be attracted to someone who wants you to be stupid, barefoot, pregnant and submissive?

 The solution to the war against women, stop hooking up with, sleeping with and marrying these assholes. Let them die because they can't find a meal and a pair of clean socks without us... and this whole problem will be solved.

 Please don't enable them... they are dangerous and scary. In 42 years, I have never seen a man who could live without a woman taking care of them. My father couldn't, my brother couldn't, none of the monks I know can take care of themselves either. Men are always looking for a momma.

 Because they are so stupid and helpless, they feel the need to bully women into submission. Don't fall for it ladies, just don't give it to them. Yes they might try to turn into rapists, that's why god made guns.

Any asshole who tries to turn me into a sex slave will be looking at my pistol. I take refuge in Smith and Wesson. It's really that bad ladies. Arm yourselves, I'm not kidding.